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Pinot Grigio

Fermented in stainless steel to enhance the natural tropical fruit flavors, our off-dry Pinot Grigio displays palatable aromas of pineapple, peach and citrus.

Enjoy chilled with seafood, veal, fresh salads and your favorite desserts.


Semi-dry, crisp with aromas of wild flowers, fresh kiwi-melon, and earthy undertones. Pairs well with grilled chicken, seafood, pork, and your favorite cheeses

Vidal Blanc

Our Vidal Blanc is semi-sweet with crisp,ripe, fruity characteristics of tropical fruit. Serve well chilled. Splendid with fish, chicken, cheeses and spicy cuisine


Similar to a White Zinfandel; finished semi-dry. Fruity with rich berry flavors.

Bottled in memory of "Betty the Learned Elephant" of traveling circus fame.


Non-oaked, crisp, light with tropical aromas and fruit flavors.


Slightly sweet with hints of strawberry and black cherry.


This semi-dry Merlot is a complex light to medium bodied red wine aged in oak with hints of raspberry

and black current. Best enjoyed at room temperature. Pairs well with baked ham, roasted duck, eggplant, parmesan, spinach pies and grilled pizza.

Trolley Car Red

Dry with zesty undertones of black pepper and a dash of oak, our Trolley Car Red is a blend of Merlot and several red grape varietals. Serve at room temperature and enjoy with freshly grilled steaks,veal, cheddar cheese, and rich Italian dishes.

Cabernet Franc

Spicy, toasty medium bodied wines with notes of dark fruit.


Hard Apple Cider

A blend of freshly picked Rhode Island orchid apples, fermented in stainless steel and finished with a crisp effervescence.

Phone: (401) 566-9463

Monday - Saturday      12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
                   Sunday        12:00 PM - 6:00 PM